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To Get on Well noviembre 2, 2009

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Where are you, my friends?

I’m heeere… and you? Are you theeere?

Oh, yeeess. Now I see you. It’s a good thing!!!

Today I’m in a good mood and I want to know if you can stick around with me. I’m getting used to be with you and it’s a pleasure for me. And you? Do you like to be with me?

Good!! Thank you!!!

I’m sure you’ll get used to working with me. My English is very simple and, together, you and me are going to raise our level.
If you want to know something, ask me for it!. Take advantage of my generosity while you can.
Mastering English takes a lot of work but if we don’t encourage us, we’ll lose our enthusiasm.
This is true, we’re facing a great challenge but we have plenty of time.

That’s enouuuugh! I’m a pain in the neck!.

Let’s change the subject! You look tired!

Come on, cheer up!!

Let’s take a break, I feel like listening to music

Ok, now you look good and I feel on top of the world!!!

You know what?..I have a feeling ….We’ll get on well!!!

What do you think?….

Take care!!!

See you next day!



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